Dino-Buddies® - The Dino-Buddies Characters


The Dino-Stars of Onid Valley

Hi!  My name is Baxter!

Baxter is the organizer of the group and he likes to get all of his Dino-Buddies together for parties and meetings. Friendship and taking care of others is important to Baxter. He always watches out for the safety of others to make sure they know the rules for riding bicycles, camping, or any other activity they are enjoying. 

Hi!  My name is Bo!

Bo was the next Dino-Buddy on Baxter’s list. His favorite activity is to drive his go-cart in the soapbox derby races. He works on the go-cart himself and keeps it in tip-top shape. Bo has won many trophies and is very proud of them. 

Hi! My name is Casey!

Casey was also invited. She is very artistic and loves to paint colorful pictures. Her paintings have won many awards at arts and crafts shows. Casey is shy and has cute little freckles on her face. 

Hi!  My name is Jamie!

Jamie enjoys exercising and reminds the other Dino-Buddies to stay healthy and keep in shape. After every workout, she visits the local malt shop for her favorite low-calorie dessert, Dino-Delight. 

Hi!  Our names are Grammy and Pap!

Grammy and Pap™
Grammy and Pap do everything together, and their favorite pastime is playing golf. Sometimes Pap lets Grammy win, but don’t tell Grammy. 

Hi!  My name is Lisi!

Lisi is the Baby Buddy!  She has tiny purple wings and can fly!  She is learning so many new things and the other Dino-Buddies are always there to take care of her. 

Hi!  My name is Nacho!

Nacho is the Dino-Buddies' good friend from Mexico.  Although he is a burro (donkey) that is made from wood, he can actually talk!  Since he knows English and Spanish, he teaches the others Spanish.  He also likes to give the Dino-Buddies rides on his back.  

Hi! My name is Patches!

And who could forget Patches! Patches is so nice that he will do almost anything for his fellow Dino-Buddies. He is hardworking and loves to build things, especially things made out of wood. 

Hi !  My name is Rollo!

Then there is Rollo - Everybody loves Rollo because he is always happy and makes others smile. He enjoys playing the piano, singing, and entertaining friends. 

Hi!  My name is Stanley!

Stanley is very smart and spends most of his spare time reading or playing the violin. He cannot see anything without his eyeglasses, so he takes very good care of them. 

Hi!  My name is Trey!

Trey is a Dino-Scout. He loves nature and enjoys camping and hiking. His backpack is always ready for the next hiking adventure, including having some yummy treats for his animal friends that he may meet along the way. 

Hi!  My name is Ty Bobb!

Ty Bobb™
Let’s see. Then there’s Ty Bobb. Ty Bobb enjoys playing baseball, and he is such a good sport. Always ready for a good game of baseball, Ty Bobb keeps his ball and glove with him at all times. He also likes to collect baseball caps and baseball cards. 

Hi!  This is Pap's Dino-Bus!

All the Dino-Buddies enjoy driving with Pap in his Dino-Bus.  They all make sure to have their safety belts on as they drive around Onid Valley.