Dino-Buddies® - The Dino-BuLLies® Characters


The 'Not-So-Very-Nice' Neighbors of Onid Valley

Woolie BuLLie.

Woolie BuLLie™
The biggest, baddest, meanest meanie of all the Dino-BuLLies. 

Ruffie, Terri Bull, and Tuffie.

Ruffie™, Terri Bull™, and Tuffie™
What can you say about these 'Not-So-Very-Nice' Neighbors? 

Bossi Saurus™

Bossie Saurus™
No Dino-BuLLies Allowed!

Ty Rant

Ty Rant™
He's NOT very nice!

Creepie, Sneakie and Terri Bull

Creepie™, Sneakie™, and Terri Bull™
These Dino-BuLLies are always up to more 'Not-So-Very-Nice' tricks!