Dino-Buddies®™ 8 Book Bundle (Paperback)

Dino-Buddies® (Rivercrest Industries, Inc.)

$ 19.95 


Dino-Buddies®™ 8 Book Bundle 

8 BOOK BUNDLE Includes: The Dinosaur Debut * The Happy Campers * The Baby Buddy * Let's Go To Grammy's * Hit The Beach * South of The Border * Who Stole Second Base * The Bicycle of Many Colors
That's right!  3 Books for only $9.95 (+ Shipping) 

...By Aunt Eeebs™ & Sprout!™   

  2017 Best Children's Multi-Media Book Series - Spanish (Books/CDs/eBook Apps) Texas Association of Authors 

Moonbeam Children's Book Award (GOLD)2016 GOLD 1st Place Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Book w/Enhanced eBook Apps (Books/CD/eBook Apps) Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 

SOVAS Voice Over Artist Award Nomination2016 GOLD 1st Place SOVAS Voice Over Award - Best Spanish Voiceover - Children's eBook (eBook Apps /CD - iTunes & Google Play) Society of Voice and Sciences (SOVAS)  

 2016 Best Children's Multi-Media Book Series (Books/CDs/eBook Apps) Texas Association of Authors 

2015 Silver Award Children's Book with Music/Theatrical (Books/CD/Plush) Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 


*  The Dinosaur Debut

 The Happy Campers

 The Baby Buddy

 Let's Go To Grammy's

 Hit The Beach!

 South of the Border

 Who Stole Second Base?

 The Bicycle of Many Colors

Creatively written by Aunt Eeebs™ (and Sprout!™), each soft-back cover book measures 8″ x 8″ and has 24 pages of full color illustrations.

Onid Valley™! (that's DINO spelled backwards) is the magical land where the adorable Dino-Buddies™ live and play!

'Friends of Distinction... Not Extinction™', the Dino-Buddies™ are indeed Dino-Stars™! Dino-Buddies are a happy bunch of dinosaurs that enjoy wholesome activities, but sometimes they have to watch out for their not-so-very-nice neighbors... the Dino-BuLLies™!

With 24 pages of colorful airbrushed artwork, each book offers examples of good manners, safe habits, and, above all, kindness. Other positive aspects include educational value, safety tips, polite actions, caring, sharing, and even anti-bullying guidance.  Each book is highlighted with a unique melodic, rhyming verse that children delight in hearing again and again.