Dino-Buddies shout "Happy New Year!"

Dino-Buddies shout "Happy New Year!"


Well, We're sad to say goodbye to 2015 because it was such a memorable year since we won our first book award.  But the new year of 2016 promises many more wonderful and exciting events for us!

Later this month, we will be participating in the biggest toy exhibit in the world – the New York Toy Fair where we will be showing  all of our books, CDs, t-shirts and other delightful gifts.  It will be cold up there in New York, but we can’t wait.  We will be sure to wear our warmest sweaters and keep you posted on any news from up there!

By the way, we just found out that Aunt Eeebs and Sprout are working on books 8 and 9 of our series entitled “The Bicycle of Many Colors” and “But It’s the Truth!” which will be available later this year. All the DIno-Buddies are featured in both of the books, and we'll tell you more about them next month when we return from our adventure in New York.  And who knows --- I bet they will be award winners, too!  

Stay warm and see you soon! 

DinoBuddies Dino-Bus   DinoBuddies Dino-Bus

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