Dino-Buddies® - The DB Story



Onid Valley™! (that’s DINO spelled backward) is the magical land where the adorable Dino-Buddies™ live and play!

‘Friends of Distinction… Not Extinction™’, the Dino-Buddies®™ are indeed Dino-Stars®™! They are of a non-violent nature and enjoy wholesome activities, but sometimes they have to watch out for their not-so-very-nice neighbors… the Dino-BuLLies®™!

The Dinosaur Debut is the first book in the series and introduces the Dino-Buddies™ characters. Currently, there are nine (9) titles:

  • The Dinosaur Debut
  • The Happy Campers
  • The Baby Buddy
  • Let’s Go To Grammy’s
  • Hit The Beach!
  • South of the Border
  • Who Stole Second Base?
  • The Bicycle of Many Color
  • But It's The Truth!

Available in paperback or electronically (iTunes or Google Play), each book has 24 pages of colorful airbrushed artwork.  The books subtly offers examples of good manners, safe habits, and, above all, kindness.  The recent title, ‘Who Stole Second Base?’ offers hints to overcome bullying – a serious issue facing children (and adults.) Creatively written by Aunt Eeebs™ …and Sprout!™, each book is highlighted with a unique melodic, rhyming verse that children delight in hearing again and again.  The books are educational, fun, and colorful.

Printed books are available in Soft Cover with saddle stitch binding. 

**Interactive eBook App:
Available in English or Spanish, electronic versions are available in iOS (iTunes) or Android (Google Play)  – each title having 3 play modes  ('Let Me Read', 'Auto Play', 'Record & Play' – record your own voice)  Each book page has many Touch’n’Listen words/sounds. Plus each eBook App has 10 educational games.

**Games included:
Paint-It (24 pictures), Memory Match (24 levels), Jigsaw Puzzle (12×3 levels), Let’s Count (10×1 level), 123’s Please! (10×5 levels), ABC’s Please! (26×6 levels), Dino Drag’n’Drop (10×1 level),  Dino-Buddies Music, Chalk Board, Screen Savers (12), Dino-Buddies Club, Newsletter, The Dino-Buddies Story, and many, many more options

The App is FREE with options to purchase all of the Interactive eBook App – absolutely and colorfully adorable!

Free activity downloads are available on https://DinoBuddies.com for all good children!  

Let’s Be Good!