Dino-Buddies® - Newsletter

The Dino-Buddies Newsletter 


Dino-Buddies™ are adorable dinosaur characters that live in the enchanted land of Onid Valley (that’s DINO spelled backward.) These sweet, gentle Dino-Stars™ are of a non-violent nature, and focus on kindness and living in harmony with each other.

But, the Dino-Buddies do have to watch out for their 'Not-So-Very-Nice' neighbors – the Dino-BuLLies!™

Bullying can be a challenging issue for children (and even adults.) It is reported that 90% of students in grades 4th through 8th state they have been victims of bullying.  Back in 2010 it was reported that 2.7 million children suffered at the hands of bullies. Whether it be name-calling, pushing and shoving, or just plain aggressive behavior – bullying must be stopped.  Although unlikely it will ever be completely stopped, it is more important to know how to deal with it.

With this in mind, as bullying may indeed always be a fact of life, we can teach our children how to cope with it properly and report it to parents and school authorities.  Look for the symptoms of bullying which include hurt feelings, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, low self-esteem and avoidance of social events.

Let’s do our part through teaching our children positive values and kindness, while also being sure our children know how to deal with bullying. And always remember . . .”No Dino-BuLLies™ Allowed!”

We hope you enjoy the Dino-Buddies™ experience!  Let’s Be Good!™


Aunt Eeebs™ . . . and Sprout!™