Dino-Buddies® - Aunt Eeebs & Sprout!


Sister / Brother Team --- Aunt Eeebs™ & Sprout!™


Aunt Eeebs™ & Sprout!™ are pseudonyms for a sister and brother team that has written and illustrated Dino-Buddies books since 1988. 

Aunt Eeebs™     My sister was 'dubbed' as 'Eeebs' by my two children when they were quite young.  The nickname 'Eeebs' originated when my sister would visit the house and my children 'breathed in deeply' with excitement to see her - they made a heavy intake of air causing the 'eeeeeeee' sound.  Hence 'Eeebs' and ultimately 'Aunt Eeebs'.  
          Playing a big part on the creative side, Aunt Eeebs makes the larger ideas become refined.  When she and I are 'in tune and clicking', the cute rhymes and alliterations seem to just appear in our laps.  Aunt Eeebs enjoys the author signing events and especially loves reading and interacting with the little ones! 


...Sprout!™     My nickname, 'Sprout' was given to me during my high school years. I was quite thin, looked much younger than my friends, and was way too shy.
          Always being interested in art and creative projects, I started from a young age developing products.  Generally working behind the scenes, the large majority of art, layouts, coordination and marketing falls under my 'To-Do' list.   Many aspects of the Dino-Buddies' characters and hobbies reflect the ideals and interests in my everyday life.  Passionate about the entire Dino-Buddies adventure, every day brings an opportunity to just do something positive.