Dino-Buddies® - Parents Page

P A R E N T S     P A G E

Our goal is to provide wholesome character development for children through fun, educational entertainment!


We are pleased to gain your interest in the Dino-Buddies™.  They are REAL Dino-Stars™!

The books are of a non-violent nature & emphasize enjoyment of the simple things in life. The books subtly focus on Social Emotional skill development. Each title in the collection offers examples of good manners, safe habits and kindness. Highlighting each book is a unique melodic, rhyming verse that children delight in hearing again and again.

The characters are from Onid Valley™ (that’s Dino spelled backwards). In the latest book, ‘Who Stole Second Base’, the Dino-Buddies encounter the Dino-BuLLies™ – their “not-so-very-nice” neighbors. The story line delivers a message on how to deal with BuLLying appropriately and maintain the courage & confidence to do what is right.

Creatively written by Aunt Eeebs™ (and Sprout!™), each soft-back cover book measures 8″ x 8″ and has 24 pages of full color illustrations. Available in eBook Apps in iOS and Android formats, 3D Animated videos with continuing expansion into educational and associated products.

Aunt Eeebs™ (and Sprout!™) are pseudonyms for a sister and brother team that has written and illustrated Dino-Buddies books since 1988.  Aunt Eeebs™ …and Sprout!™ make appearances at schools, social functions and author signings.  School visits are made with a campfire scene that includes two paper mache Dino-Buddies™, (Pap™ and Trey™!), a real tent, and pretend campfire.  They delight the children by relaxing around a simulated campfire, sharing a story, and autographing books. Visits may also include a surprise appearance by one or more of the life-size Dino-Buddies™ characters – or display of the real Dino-Bus™.

In addition to the free Dino-Buddies™ Club, other products available featuring the adorable Dino-Buddies™ are T-shirts, stuffed animals, backpacks, tote bags, and more … all non-violent!

‘Would you like to come and play?’


Aunt Eeebs™ …and Sprout!™