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Award-Winning Aunt Eeebs and Sprout!

  The sister/brother team of 'Aunt Eeebs and Sprout' have won the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in both 2015 (2nd Place) and 2016 (1st Place).  The Dino-BuLLies®™ were formally introduced in 'Who Stole Second Base?', which focuses on overcoming bullying. With the awareness of bullying as a global epidemic, their book features the adorable Dino-Buddies®™ in a challenging baseball game against the not-so-very-nice Dino-BuLLies who just won’t play fairly. But a baseball glove offers a special message regarding confidence and courage that enables the Dino-Buddies to overcome the bullying tactics of the Dino-BuLLies. Although the Dino-Buddies win the game, more importantly, they learn that when you play fairly, you’re always a winner!

Aunt Eeebs and Sprout were also awarded 1st Place in the 2016 Children’s Book Multi-Media Series from the Texas Association of Authors for the entire Dino-Buddies Collection, which now includes 8 book titles, matching Audio/Music CDs, eBook Apps/games in both English and Spanish.  

The Spanish version of the iTunes eBook App 'La Bicicleta de Muchos Colores' was nominated for the 2016 SOVAS Voice Arts Awards for the excellent Spanish Narration.   

Subtly sharing family values (SEL), safety tips and how to cope w/bullying, the Dino-Buddies Book Series focuses on positive and wholesome activities, offering examples of good manners, safe habits, and above all, kindness. Aunt Eeebs and Sprout enjoy making author visits and presentations to schools, libraries and book stores. ‘Cozy Campfire Readings’ charm children from Pre-K to Grade 2; and ‘The Colorful World of Sprout’ multi-media presentations inspire future authors and illustrators from Pre-K to Grade 5 with exciting, interactive TEKS based curriculum tailored to requests.


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