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Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 02 - The Happy Campers
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 01 - The Dinosaur Debut
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 03 - The Baby Buddy
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 04 - Let's Go To Grammy's
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 05 - Hit The Beach!
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 06 - South of the Border
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 07 - Who Stole Second Base?
Dino-Buddies®™ Book & Read-Along CD Set - Book 08 - The Bicycle of Many Colors

DINO-BUDDIES®™ - Book & Read-Along CD Sets

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DINO-BUDDIES®™ - Book and Read-Along CD Set 

* Each Books is 8″ x 8″ soft-back, saddle stitched books with 24 pages of full color illustrations (Choose from 8 selections below.)

* CDs have full story narration, 4 Dino-Buddies SONGS, Sight Words and Downloadable Teacher/Parent Guides. 

Track 1 - Complete Narration of Book by Aunt Eeebs in English Language.  Timed spacing between pages and a 'ding' sound indicator to turn page for the children.  Dino-Buddies music intro, book title announcement, complete book narration with closing Dino-Buddies song (full length version).
Track 2 - We're The Dino-Buddies (Short Version)
Track 3 - Would You Like To Come and Play?
Track 4 - We're The Dino-Buddies (Long Version)
Track 5 - Would You Like To Come and Play? (Instrumental Version)
Track 6 - Full Color PDFs download Five (5) full color PDFs:
     Teacher/Parent Narration Guide w/large pictures and smaller text
     Teacher/Parent Narration Guide w/small pictures and  larger text.
     Dolche List of 200 Sight Words (Alphabetical Order)
     Dolche List of 200 Sight Words (Separated by Grade Level in Alphabetical Order)
     Dolche List of 95 Sight Words - Nouns (Alphabetical Order)

 Aunt Eeebs & Sprout - Multi-Award Winning Authors / Illustrators:


Book 1 - The Dinosaur Debut (Soft Cover): The Dinosaur Debut is the first book in the series and introduces the adorable Dino-Buddies characters. Baxter is having a party and wants to invite all his pals. As Baxter writes his invitation list, each of the friendly Dino-Stars is featured.

Book 2 - The Happy Campers (Soft Cover): The Dino-Buddies are indeed happy campers as they go on a camping adventure with Pap. Read along as these Dino-Stars learn how to be safe and also keep the campsite clean. They catch lightning bugs, enjoy a campfire, swim in the lake, and more. These adorable dinosaur characters experience the basic fun of the outdoors and nature.

Book 3 - The Baby Buddy (Soft Cover): While playing a friendly game of kickball, the adorable Dino-Buddies get their ball stuck in a tree. While trying to get the ball out of the tree, these Dino-Stars find a new friend, a new Dino-Buddy who just might help solve their problem. The kind dinosaur characters offer examples of sharing and friendship.

Book 4 - Let's Go To Grammy's (Soft Cover): A special weekend is in store for the adorable Dino-Buddies as they visit Grammy and Pap’s house. The Dino-Stars have fun the entire weekend while picking berries, eating Grammy’s homemade jam, helping Pap make ice cream, and listening to great stories. The sweet dinosaurs know that Grammy and Pap’s house has the bathtub with the funny feet and the most comfortable porch swing in Onid Valley!

Book 5 - Hit The Beach! (Soft Cover): Just wait and see all the fun in the sand and the sun as the adorable Dino-Buddies hit the beach! From building castles to playing volleyball and finding sand dollars, these Dino-Stars all have fun while still being safe. Come along and enjoy the fun with these sweet, brightly colored dinosaur characters!

Book 6 - South of the Border (Soft Cover): Patches builds a wooden donkey that comes to life in a daydream. His imagination takes all of the Dino-Buddies on a magical visit south of the border. These adorable Dino-Stars learn about the Mexican culture and language, all while an endearing relationship unfolds between Patches and his newly found amigo, Nacho! The sweet and lovable dinosaurs also learn some Spanish words.

Book 7 - Who Stole Second Base? (Soft Cover): Ty Bobb and the other Dino-Buddies prepare for the first baseball game of the season, which is against the not-so-very-nice Dino-BuLLies. These adorable Dino-Stars quickly realize that the Dino-BuLLies do not play fairly. Trey’s baseball glove offers a special message regarding confidence and courage that enables the Dino-Buddies to overcome the bullying tactics of the Dino-BuLLies.

Book 8 - The Bicycle of Many Colors (Soft Cover): Baxter is delighted when he receives a unique gift from his bicycle buddies made with love and a hodgepodge of parts. However, his excitement is short-lived when he comes across the not-so-very-nice Dino-BuLLies, who tease him and make fun of this most unusual gift. In a surprising turn of events, Baxter responds to the bullying in an unexpected manner that proves not only his true character but also his genuine concern for others.


 2016 BEST Children's Multi-Media Book Series (Books/CDs/Apps) Texas Association of Authors 

2015 SILVER 3rd Place Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Children's Book with Music/Theatrical (Books/CD/Plush) 

Moonbeam Children's Book Award (GOLD)2016 GOLD 1st Place Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Book w/Enhanced eBook Apps (Books/CD/eBook Apps) 

SOVAS Voice Over Artist Award Nomination2016 GOLD 1st Place SOVAS Voice Over Award - Best Spanish Voiceover - Children's eBook (eBooks/CD - iTunes & Google Play)  

2018 Book Excellence Awards - BEST Children's Fiction - Dino-Buddies2018 BEST Children's Fiction - Book Excellence Awards - Book, eBook Apps (Books/CD/eBook Apps), iTunes and Google Play.