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'Be A Dino-Star®' Dinosaur Coloring Book
'Be A Dino-Star®' Dinosaur Coloring Book
'Be A Dino-Star®' Dinosaur Coloring Book

DINO-BUDDIES®™ - 'Be A Dino-Star®' Coloring Book

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DINO-BUDDIES®™ - 'Be A Dino-Star®' Dinosaur Coloring Book  


  • 52 Unique, Original and Exclusive Art Designs. No Duplicates.
  • Single Sided Pages so that there is no issue using crayons, colored pencils and/or markers.
  • Top Quality, Super Bright White 55lb Paper that is Perfect for DINO-Coloring... and Framing!
  • Large Format 8" x 10" with Full Color Glossy Front & Rear Cover.
  • Each Delightful Image will have your child engaged and entertained, as they happily color their New & Favorite dinosaur friends!
  • Foster Creativity and Imagination while developing Motor Skills.

Dino-Buddies 'Be A Dino-Star Dinosaur Coloring Book: Enjoy over 50 Original, Exclusive and Imaginative Designs that entertain and engage children providing hours of Coloring Fun. Great for road trips, plane rides, rainy days... and sunny days too!

The Dino-Buddies® are a happy bunch of dinosaurs that enjoy a variety of Fun Activities. This adorable prehistoric family of fun-loving ‘Dino-Stars®’ enjoy riding bikes, playing baseball, camping, going to the beach and so much more!

 By Aunt Eeebs & Sprout - Multi-Award-Winning Authors / Illustrators: