Dino-Buddies - GOLD 1st Place 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner

YAY!  We did it AGAIN!   


We won the prestigious 2016 GOLD 1st Place Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for new book, The Bicycle of Many Colors, which also focuses on overcoming bullying. BuLLying is an unfortunate fact of life - whether you are 6 or 96 years of age.

In 'The Bicycle of Many Colors', Baxter is delighted when he receives a unique gift from his bicycle buddies made with love and a hodgepodge of parts. However, his excitement is short-lived when he comes across the Dino-BuLLies, who tease him and make fun of this most unusual gift. In a surprising turn of events, Baxter responds to the bullying in an unexpected manner that proves not only his true character but also his genuine concern for others. 

The Bicycle of Many Colors is available on our website or directly through Amazon.  Order it now to add to your book collection! 

DinoBuddies Moonbeam Children's Book Award  Dino-Buddies Moonbeam Children's Book Award  Dino-Buddies Moonbeam Children's Book Award

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